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Please note, particularly for older videos, any title that is marked with an asterisk (*) means that the date is a "best guess." The actual date is presently unknown.

About the Videos

The videos shown on these pages are encoded using the H.264 video codec. Specifically, the open source implementation provided by x264.

MediaCoder provides a handy free, open source frontend to all of this.

The footage comes from a variety of sources. Videos from 2000 and above come directly from the MiniDV tapes produced by the band videographers. A hardware MPEG-2 encoder is used to compress them to standard DVD format from which they are transcoded to a web-friendly resolution using H.264.

Videos from 1988-2000 come from the VHS season videos. There is no known original source footage available for this time period. Again they are run through a hardware MPEG-2 encoder and subsequently transcoded to H.264.

Footage covering 1981-1987 comes from VHS and Betamax tapes provided by Jeannette Moffit and videos from 1935-1980 come from original 16mm reels provided by Purdue Bands and Al Wright. Both sets of footage have been preserved and converted to DVD format by Purdue's Video and Multimedia Production Services group under ITaP. This preservation and conversion process was funded by contributions from both the Gamma Pi Alumni Association (GPAA) and Tau Beta Sigma (TBS).

Special thanks go to these organizations, Dr. David A. Leppla, Ted Luce, and Jeannette Moffit for helping preserve the great history of the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band.

Special thanks also to Jon Rexeisen and Josh Koon, who helped significantly in the development and testing of this site.

The player used to display the videos is flowplayer, a free, open source video player for the web.

Any questions regarding the videos are welcome and may be directed to Dr. Jeff Turkstra.